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                   * If you find a lower price on a like item, we will meet or beat it !

5ft X 5ft Playhouse unit
With Slide & Swing
Family Playhouse Children not included !
8x10 Playhouse
8ft. x 10ft. with steps
8ft X 12ft. with Deck
12 ft x 16 ft. with 5ft. Door
Shed / Playhouse 8ft.x10 ft.
12x12 shed with 3ft. Door
8ft. x 10ft. with Ramp
8ft.x8ft. (3ft.Steel Door)
12 ft. x 16 ft. with window
10x12ft with ramp
12x12ft With Ramp
8x8ft Doghouse (heated)
10'x12' Shed (4ft.Door)
12'x16' shed (4ft.door)
10ftX12ft with Steel Roofing
16ft. X 8ft. with window
12ft. X 8ft. Wood Shed
12ft.X16ft with windows
12 ft. x 14 ft.
12'x12' (Lap Siding)
12'x12' (cedar siding)
12'x12' (Steel Doors)
12'x16' Wood Doors(5ft)
12'x12' (Sliding Doors)
16ft.x8ft. (log siding)
shelves and loft
12 ft. x 20 ft.
12ft.x16ft. (5ft. Doors)
12ft x 20ft Work Shop
12ft x 16ft (5ft door)
12 x 20ft with8ft Door
12x16ft with Steel Doors
12x20ft with a 4ft Door
10ft.x20ft. (with windows)
12'x20' Shed/Greenhouse

     Shed Sizes                Starting Price
    8x8                               $   2595
    8x10                             $   2995
    8x12                             $   3195

   10x12                            $   3995   

   10x16                            $   4295

   10X20                           $   5295

   12x12                            $   4495
   12x16                            $   5295
   12x20                            $   5995

   16x16                            $   6995

   16X20                           $   7995

          Additional Sizes Available

             Extra Items:     Deck's or Ramp's
        Windows -
Steel Doors - Double Doors            
             Shelves - Loft - Electric Wiring
 Lumber Prices do change, please call / e-mail 
                (907)  373-3600         Cell # (907)232-1650

16ft.X16ft Cabin or Workshop
12 x 20ft. Cabin or Workshop
12ft.x20ft. (5ft. Door & Ramp)
16ft.x20ft. (8ft. Door)
12ft.x20ft. Shed /Workshop
16ft.x20ft. Workshop
20'x20' work shop
16'x20' work shop
24x24ft Garage/Shop
24x24ft Garage/Shop
16ft.x20ft. Sunroom
16ft.x20ft. Deck
12ft.x20ft Sunroom
24ft.x24ft.Cabin on the Kenai
12ft.x20ft. Workshop/Cabin
18ft.x20ft. Cabin with loft
Cabin with Loft and Decks

 Cabin Sizes - Starting Prices 

  16x16ft.        $ 22,900

  16x20ft.        $ 24,900
  16x24ft.        $ 26,900
  20x20ft.        $ 29,900
  20x24ft.        $ 32,900
  24x24ft.        $ 32,900
  24x30ft         $ 38,900

These are Framing prices for Labor and Materials.

Excavation and Foundation are extra's to the cost.
Prices include one 3ft.Door and Two Windows,(4x4).
Cabins set on peir blocks, One Deck - 8x6ft,(on peir blocks)

Add windows and decks to fit your needs.

Call for prices at (907) 373-3600 cell# 232-1650

Note: ***Lumber market prices change weekly !

Gas Stove in Sunroom
6ft.x8ft. Sona (Cedar)
New Kitchen (under $6000.)
4.5ft Tub
Tile and Stone (new Bath)
24'x16' Ceder Deck
16ft.x24ft. Deck&Handrail
16ft.x16ft. Deck & Stairs